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On April first Stacy goes into labor, and after 5 hours of labor she finally pops out a kid. As soon as it pops out the doctor grabs it and starts shaking it like crazy, then he starts throwing it up in the air like someone's tossing a pizza dough, and then he starts hitting the baby's head against the wall. Incredulous, the mother shouts out, "What in the fuck are you doing!?" As soon as she says that the doctor stops and gets a huge grin and says, "April Fools!!! Your baby was already dead."

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    A man and his son were talking about sex. The son asked his father, "dad, what does a pussy look like?"

    The dad asked him, "before or after sex?"

    "Ummmm, before sex", the kid replied.

    The dad said, "have you ever seen a beautiful red rose with soft red petals?"

    "Yeah" said the son.

    "Well, what about after sex?" said the son.

    His dad replied, "have you ever seen a bulldog eating mayonnaise"!!!

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